The Company

Established in 2011, Lumiant Corporation is a market-driven materials science company working to discover, develop and produce breakthrough materials for next generation products. Our capabilities are demonstrated by the development of TitanMade metallic ceramic composite - a unique material with unprecedented properties that bridges the gap between high performance alloys and advanced technical ceramics. Likewise, our process development expertise is demonstrated by the development of the PlasmaForge process - a patent-pending method of producing full-density Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) materials.  

From theory-based Rational Material Design and our Xaedra high-performance computing platform for materials discovery, to our experimental lab and extensive material testing capability, Lumiant has the tools and the experts necessary to develop, commercialize and scale new materials that solve global challenges.  

Our Markets

Lumiant is actively pursuing product applications in the Transportation, Defense and Industrial Machinery markets, where the need for mobility and speed, durability and energy efficiency drive the development of new lightweight materials.  

For ballistic armor applications, TitanMade metallic composite offers unprecedented strength and toughness, while maintaining the low density, high hardness and high stiffness of ceramic armor materials.  


Rational Material Design

Built on the convergence of data mining, artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics, Rational Material Design is a methodology for developing new materials based on the accurate prediction of both properties and cost, and therefore enabling a rational choice about which materials will be developed in the lab for further experimentation and testing.  Driven first and foremost by market need, Lumiant has embodied the principles of Rational Material Design in its Xaedra high performance computing platform, and is currently working to solve significant global challenges for materials in the Transportation, Defense and Industrial Machinery industries.