The Materials Revolution

Lumiant Corporation is at the forefront of the revolution now underway in the world of material science. At Lumiant, we are dedicated to the rapid development, production and commercialization of new materials that possess specific, preconceived, and extraordinary properties.

Rather than just discovering or inventing new materials through trial and error and with yet-to-be realized characteristics, Lumiant employs a Rational Material Design methodology, and works with customers and other stakeholders to create new materials with the properties industry needs.

Lumiant is able to accelerate the development of new materials through the use of its proprietary Xaedra™ high-performance computing platform for materials discovery. Through the convergence of data mining, artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics, Xaedra is able to rapidly identify previously undiscovered materials that have a high probability of exhibiting unique and desirable properties.

Lumiant's capabilities also extend into process development, as illustrated by our proprietary PlasmaForge™ process, which is particularly well suited for mass manufacturing of full-density Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) materials.  With the PlasmaForge process Lumiant was able to successfully develop our TitanMade® metallic ceramic composite - a new lightweight material that bridges the property gap between high performance alloys and advanced technical ceramics.



TitanMade® L465 Metallic Ceramic Composite

TitanMade® L465 is a highly advanced and patent-pending titanium ceramic composite material with a gamma-phase titanium aluminide alloy matrix and in situ formed aluminum oxide particle reinforcement.


PlasmaForge™ Process

The PlasmaForge process is Lumiant's patent-pending method for producing full-density metallic alloy and in situ metallic matrix composites.