Ballistic Armour Materials

TitanMade® - Titanium Ceramic Composite

TitanMade® L465 is a highly advanced and patent-pending titanium ceramic composite material, ideally suited for ballistic armour applications where weight & thickness are of critical importance.

Depending on the threat level specified, integrating TitanMade ballistic tile can reduce the areal density of an armour solution by 20-30%, when compared with alumina but at lower cost than silicon carbide or boron carbide.

The superior performance of TitanMade is the result of a 5-year intensive R&D effort, and the development of advanced technology for the production of full-density in-situ composite materials with uniformly distributed and discontinuous reinforcement phases. 

Compared with alumina, TitanMade has 2-3 times the Flexural Strength & Fracture Toughness.  The result is a material with greater ballistic efficiency, which translates to less material required, less weight & thinner armour.

Compatible with both waterjet & Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) techniques, TitanMade L465 can be cut to an infinite variety of form factors, making it an ideal material for armour systems with seam & edge gap protection features.


Flexural Strength925 MPa
Hardenss187 HRA
Fracture Toughness27.4 MPa m½
Young's Modulus280 GPa
Density3.9 g/cm3
1 Rockwell A
2KIC per ASTM C1421-10 chevron specimen

For detailed information on the use of TitanMade L465 in ballistic armor applications, please see our TitanMade L465 Metallic Composite Armor Data Sheet